About company

Started as a small inexperienced startup six years
ago, now we are a company specialized in software


Amplius is a small team of 7 tech enthusiasts

We were still underage when we launched our startup (that turned into this company) and developed Rubico, our first hardware product.
As we aged and got experience, we've also changed the focus of our company, specializing in software development.
We can see that Amplius represents a strong competition, and we strive to create an environment where smart, motivated, and creative people can become successful.


Wordson the street

24 years ago Mostar (actually, whole Bosnia and Herzegovina), was at war, and today local startup Amplius electronics is launching an innovative battery pack! No one could possibly predict such a huge step into the future, especially in the country that had a long stagnational period after the end of the war.

Mike Butcher, TechCrunch Editor

“Working with Amplius guys and girls is like a breath of fresh air on a hot summer day. The way that they handle projects and deliver the results is on point. Instead of making it complicated, they take the driver’s seat and drive the whole thing forward. Never a missed deadline, always delivering top quality. A pleasure to work with.”

Luka Sučić, Partner at Meta Change Capital

During my visit to Mostar, I got amazed by the Amplius electronics team. It’s incredible that hardware product like Rubico is produced by three 20-year olds. These guys should be supported by their community.

Elena Sinel, Founder of Acorn Aspirations

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We are dedicated team players who bring energy, ideas, and pride to our work.

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